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Hair care is the story of women, not only Vietnamese women but also for most women around the world. Each country has their own secrets for hair care, let check it out today with True Hair Vietnam.

Romanian: Treat honey with honey

Romanian Camelia Negrea, a Romanian hair stylist, reveals the secret of shining women's hair: Add a spoon of honey to your favorite shampoo and your hair will instantly shine.

Scotlen: Shampoo with chamomile tea

The Scotch uses shampoo with chamomile tea to keep the color of blond hair. Simply boil the chrysanthemum in water for a few minutes, let it cool and filter through, then spray on dry hair.

Czech Republic: Hair dyed with onion peel

Hair wash dyed with onion peel is a way that Czech Republic to do to keep the hair dye, highlight. The women here boil some yellow onion, let it cool and use it for shampooing. After you wash, dyed hair will become shiny without smelling.

Vietnamese women - shampoo with lotus hair ball

Lotus is the symbol of Vietnam. In addition to pure beauty, the lotus also contains many miraculous features in therapeutic and beauty treatments. Sen helps keep the hair healthy and shiny. Soak leaves and use liquid to wash your face. Then mash the lotus to use as a conditioner for hair.

South Africa: Wrap hair around your head to keep your hair straight

South African women usually wrap their wet hair around their heads and use an 80% dryer. After that, they removed their hair and wrapped it in another direction. Let your hair dry, then let go and smooth. This is a way to make your hair look smoother, before the hair dryer appears in South Africa

Thai women: wash with coconut milk

Thai girls often grind and squeeze coconut milk, then heat in the oven until the coconut oil. Remove oil and let it cool before applying on your hair such as shampoo to provide moisture and make the hair shiny, soft.

Germany: Use beer to condition your hair

Germany is a leading beer country in the world. So do not be surprised if there are many beauty recipes from beer, especially for the hair: mix half a liter of beer with warm water, pour into the spray and spray on the hair. After 20 minutes, wash your hair. Do weekly work to keep your hair healthy and sleek.

Argentina: Wash your hair with aloe vera

Women in Argentina claim that the long hair is attractive and attractive to women. To keep their hair long and straight, they directly apply the aloe to the oily skin or to the shampoo daily. This way with Argentinean women is considered as effective rehydration for the hair.

Mexico: Dry your hair with a dry towel

In Mexico, hair stylists recommend that instead of using a dryer, use a cotton bath towel. "Many Mexicans wrap towels around their hair after bathing and let it dry until the hair is dry," Oliver said. It's a simple way to smooth and straighten hair.

Jamaica: Cure the hair with cactus

Jamaican women believe that the nutrients that help the cactus to fight the sun in Jamaica will also help restore damaged hair. Therefore, the way they used to condition their hair is: "peel the cactus and shampoo with their oil, the hair will be thick and moisturized"

Canada: Rinse the hair in cold water

Rinse the hair in cold water to shrink the hair follicles on the scalp, and retain nutrients for the hair. According to hair stylist Leland Olson, the dry and harsh weather in Canada makes hair dry and damaged. To counteract that, try to rinse your hair with cold water. This helps to heal the damage and hair has a natural shine.

Australia: Eucalyptus Oil Massage

Many girls are jealous of Elle Macpherson's long, shiny hair. Her secret must be the same as any other Australian girl. "To have beautiful hair and into the folds, they often use a few drops of eucalyptus oil to massage the scalp and leave for the night. It creates moisture, gloss and length for hair, "says hair stylist Joh Bailey.

The girls have the secret instead of trying to wash their hair after swimming, they often use the effect of saline water to increase the texture of curly hair.

Japan: Brush the hair with a wooden comb

In the tradition of Japan for centuries, this comb is the belief of the bride brought home her husband. It is used to comb the hair styles from simple to complex. Today's Japanese girls use it everyday to make their hair shiny.

Greece: Olive oil protects the hair from the sun and sand

Before going to the beach, Greek women rub the olive oil to stroke the hair into a ponytail. This helps to protect hair from dehydration due to sun and salt water.

India: Dye your hair with coffee grounds

In order to have coffee hair color, Indian women incorporate green leafy greens with plant dyes and coffee grounds or tea leaves. Mix into a paste, then apply to your hair. For longer time, hair color is more durable.

Colombia: Mask for hair from butter and eggs

Mix the egg whites with half the avocado. Apply the mixture to the hair and leave for 15 minutes, then wash your hair with water. It is a natural hair care, simple and cheap, which makes the hair smoother.

Brazil: Coconut cocktail for hair

Use coconut water cocktail for hair once a week, apply cream cocoa butter and cocoa butter for 30 minutes, then rinse with coconut water is a way that Brazilian women use to help hair soft and moist.

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